What If You Fly
2016 / Film / The North Face

What If You Fly




The North Face



In 2016 Taylor was engaged by The North Face to travel to the high Arctic to document Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro as he endeavored on his most ambitious mission to date - to paint a portrait on atop of a melting piece of sea ice, in collaboration with local Inuit communities.

'What If You Fly' - Film

On their journey, Hawaiian artist and muralist Sean Yoro (a.k.a. HULA) traveled to the arctic waters of Baffin Island, Nunavut, and met Iqaluit local Jesse Mike. The two of them, sharing experiences of being indigenous to island regions, bonded over the ways in which their communities are often boxed into categories for the media and how art can help bring those narratives out and into more true and expressive places. 

This is the most technical and remote location that Sean has ever attempted a mural, and the wild forces of nature at the top of the world are unpredictable. But for Sean, the physical and creative risks are worth it for a chance at something new.